• Hi Rajesh and Saravan. I was manual tester with more than 4 yrs of experience when I took this QTP training session(2011 Oct Batch) who always wanted to do a technical job than doing manual testing. Now if I look back - I am happy that I took the right decision to join QTPWorld as this has changed my professional career to a different level. I am late in posting a feedback but now after so many years I wanted to appreciate your efforts for this. Regards, Chakrapani

    - Chakrapani

  • A Sincere Thanks to Rajesh and Sravanan for there hard work. Now I am a position where can develope my own framework with any real time scenario. Always appreciate alot for there nice precise teaching fashion.

    - Shruti

  • Hi Rajesh and Saravanan, the training that you have imparted to us has been very valuable and excellent and this has enabled us to perform better in our job. The training was very informative, technically rich and work specific and has covered all the QTP Automation testing topics. My Hearty Thanks To You and Best Regards. Mohammed

    - Mohammed

  • The Training was very effecient I would say. It was well planned and the approach to learn the topics was very effective. Thank you!

    - Puneet

  • I had an experience in automation testing but after joining QTP world I got to know that there were many things which I was not aware of. Rajesh and Sravan made it easy for me with there real time experience and sharing the knowledge of everything through code demo.

    - Ram

  • i really think, both of them are good in QTP. They really clear the concept very easily. No issue how much time your asking the same doubt and even its silly doubt, they will clear it. But its all about our practices. They are giving 99 % effort we have to make it 100% by practicing.

    - Alok

  • I was referred to QTP World by one of my friend. This is the best training program I have taken and I should thank Rajesh and Saravan for this wonderful training. The trainers always made sure that the attendees understood the concept and helped them when required. They are friendly and approachable for any kind of queries with regard to QTP. Once again thanks a lot for the wonderful sessions and wish QTP World a great success. Thanks, Lalu Nair

    - Lalu Nair

  • Firstly, I want to thank Rajesh and Saravanan. Even though I had QTP experience before, the course still was very useful. Some of the concepts those were taught were new to me. The way they teach patiently gives a candidate to understand the concepts thoroughly. They'd give real time exposure with the concepts they teach. Being an experienced guy I can tell that scripting and frame works they taught are superb. - Raju

    - Raju

  • Before I joined to QTPworld I have few ideas only about QTP.Now I am an automation engineer.I started refering the insitution to my friends as well. Faculties are enriched with good knowledge about QTP. Thanks Rajesh and Saraven

    - Rakesh

  • The course material was good...and all students must also practice for the same

    - Stephen

  • After attending your traning program, my thinking style has changed a lot . I have started thinking on scripting level . Thanks QTPworld.

    - Bharath Shetty

  • I always use to hear the term "Automation framework" in my office but never understood it till I attended your training. Now I can make a framework of my own.

    - Irene S

  • I knew some concepts of QTP and VB scripting.But didn't know how to apply them in Real time.This training not only gave the knowledge but also how to use them in real time in my workplace.Now I enjoy working with the knowledge I got from the training.

    - V Chandra

  • The trainers won't leave the class until you are comfortable with the subject. I am glad, I took the class. I like to take any classes with them in future.

    - Gitika chawla

  • In today's market where knowledge in Automation tool is a must for QA jobs,your training is a boon to us.After attending your classes I feel very confident in QTP

    - Manmeet Kaur

  • Hi Rajesh and Saravan, The training program had the right balance of relevant theoretical inputs and hands-on practical exercises. The topics for training are well structured, researched, and documented and I really appreciate for answering all our queries (some time for foolish questions ;)) Very thankful to providing all the training and QTP related information’s through a website. It will be great if provide more examples during the training and that help for beginners to try out different logics. Thanks, Mahesh

    - Mahesh

  • The course was very useful. The teaching with the real time scenrios really helped me alot. The materials are really helpful.

    - David

  • I got a good exposure in automation testing. The training was short, precise & practical which covers all the important topics. Faculty has a good grasp on the topic. Thanks a lot :)

    - Gopal

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Contact Us
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Q⇒ What is the content for this training program?

        For Training content please refer this link http://www.qtpworld.com/training.php .

Q⇒Who are the target audience for this training course?
       This training course is designed for people who belong in any of the below mentioned categories
       1.Beginners/freshers who want to pursue career in Automation testing.
       2.Manual testers who wish to work in automation testing.
       3.People who have basic knowledge in QTP tool and want to make their working knowledge robust.

Q⇒Are there any prerequisites for this training program.
       This training program has  one and only one prerequsite and that is you should be crazy or have a zeal to learn new tools
       and programming languages.
        The main components of this traing program are :
         1.VB scripting
         2.QTP Tool

       We Assume that you are very new to the above components of training.We make sure that we teach you from the very
       basics of the components .However, you MUST practice to become an expert.

Q⇒ Do You provide training on all the types of automation framework ?
        Yes, we provide training for all industry standard automation framework i.e Data driven framework, Keyword driven
        framework, Hybrid framework.

Q⇒ As I am new to VB Scripting/Programming will I be able to understand the classes ?
        Absolutely.We Assume that you are very new to Programming tools or languages before joining the session.We make 
        sure that we teach you from the very basics of the components included in our training course.However, you MUST
        practice to become an expert.

Q⇒ I have manual testing experience in leading organization, How QTP training will help me ?
        We will provide training on Automation framework so that it would be value add to your current role. You can automate
        the projects which you are currently working on or demand Automation projects in your organization so that you can
        improve your skill level and grow in your career & Payscale .

Q⇒ Why manual tester should look for automation course ?
        There is a real dearth in the market for automation professionals. People with good understanding in automation
        frameworks,scripting etc will be head- hunted by IT Companies.

Q⇒ How do we know your training is good ? Why should I join you when there is so many institutes ?
        ♦ We not only teach you all the concepts. We teach you how to implement all the concepts in an Automation
           framework which is really important in everdays  work.
        ♦ Different Organization have different techniques of automation framework. After attending  this training you will feel at
           ease to work on any Framework.
        ♦ You will be given a life time access to the Resources which contain Question and answers, help, eBooks, Tutorials
           and many more on Testing, Automation and specifically QTP.
        ♦ During real time project at work or after completion of training, you can access the Students Tab in the Site where you
           can post your doubts under specific chapters .These questions will be answered by us.Also you can see the
           questions and answers asked by other students.So in short by enrolling in this training program you can reach out to
           us anytime even after your training is over.

Q⇒ Do you provide training to attend the interviews ?
        While covering each topic we will make sure that  interview question pertaining to each topic are covered. You will be
        expertised by the end of the training so  that you can easily clear the interviews of the Top Organization.

Q⇒ Will you provide Lab facilities for us to practice ?
        Yes, we provide Lab facility.

Q⇒ Can I see some feedback this training course has received from your past trainees?
        Sure. Please go to this link  http://www.qtpworld.com/testimonials.php .

Q⇒ Will you provide the QTP software and help in installing the software?
        We will provide you step-by-step instructions to download and install the 14 days trial of QTP 10 software.

Q⇒ Do you have an option to take only Basic or only Advanced or only specific topics?
        This training has a well integrated and navigates through easy to advanced topics seamlessly. This is the primary
        reason,it makes your concepts rock  solid and you would be able to grasp and implement lot many features.

Q⇒ Do you teach  testing tools other than QTP?      

       We cover other automation tool like Selenium. For Selenium training please visit http://www.javaseleniumworld.com
        . Also we will be shortly commencing classes on Load Runner and Python.

Q⇒ Can I ask questions during class hours? What if I have  question after completion of training or during
        my real time project at work?

        During  class hours , you can freely ask your questions.

        During real time project at work or after completion of training, you can access the Students Tab in the Site where
        you can post your doubts under specific  chapters .These questions will be answered by us.Also you can see the
        questions and answers asked by other students.So in short by enrolling in this training program you can reach out
        to us anytime even after your training is over.

Q⇒ If I have some questions other than the one provided in FAQ ,Where can I ask those?
        ♦ You can call us on the numbers displayed in this link  http://www.qtpworld.com/aboutus.php .
        ♦ You can mail us at
info@qtpworld.com for your queries regarding training.